Prepare Yourself For living in Spain!

Moving to Spain can be daunting and scary – so make sure you prepare yourself before you leave! It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to Spain permanently, or if you’re just purchasing a comfortable little holiday home to visit in the summer months – it makes sense to take time and pick carefully.

prepare for living in Spain

prepare yourself for living in Spain

In this article we’re bringing you four top tips to help you find your perfect Spanish home, without falling victim to any nasty surprises!

1. Research, research, research: The more research you do, the less likely it is that hidden costs, laws or commitments will come at you out of no where. Before you purchase a home in Spain, be sure to do a whole lot of research – find out what your obligations are in terms of community fees and local taxes, and also look at local laws and customs. The best way to get a feel for the “local vibe” is to browse expat forums online, or talk to people who already live in the area you’re looking to move to. A little research can go a very long way, there’s nothing worse than buying a property thousands of miles from home, only to find that things don’t work out quite as you’d hoped.
2. Prepare your pets: We’ve already covered the movement of pets within the EU in another post, so we’ll keep this brief! Moving pets from A to B isn’t always simple, and you’ll need a pet passport in order to move dogs and cats. You will also need to ensure that your pet has had a rabies injection before your pet can travel – your pet will also need a microchip. On top of the legalities and bureaucracy involved with moving a pet, don’t forget to ensure the property you’re moving into in Spain is suitable for pets. A top floor apartment, for example, isn’t the best place for a dog or cat to live.
3. Money & tax: When you move to Spain, you’ll need to change up currency in order to pay for things when you arrive. You’ll need to balance your money between Great British Pounds and Euros – because if you still have bills to pay back in the UK, you’ll need money to pay those with too! Remember to investigate your tax situation when you move to Spain, too. If you’re planning on working in Spain, the chances are that you will have to make contributions.
4. Prepare to feel homesick: As humans, most of us don’t really like change. When you move away from “home”, the chances are that you will feel homesick and you’ll want to go back. Like many ailments, the best heeler for homesickness is time. Give your new life in Spain a chance before you decide to pack your bags and look at moving from Spain to the UK!

Living in Spain is a wonderful experience for the thousands of Brits who make the jump every single year. Just remember to prepare yourself before moving – know what to expect and when to expect it by doing lots of research.

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