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Matthew James Removals in Spain have helped move many British & Spanish expats living in Spain, as well as American’s themselves, move to America.

Removals Company to South America from Spain

Then Matthew James Removals & Storage in Spain should be your first port of call. With 3 depots in Spain; Mijas, Madrid & Barcelona and are able to offer collection from any region in Spain, from city apartments to rural villas.

You can be rest assured that Matthew James are able to take care of every aspect of your move to South America,  from any property big or small with delivery door to door / room to room to any local or South American destination.

Although you are looking for a Spanish Removal Company choose one of the British one’s based in Spain such as Matthew James.

Our company has been accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We are members of IAM (International Association of Movers), the world’s largest trade association for the global moving industry.


To enable us to provide you with the most precise quote we would recommend getting one of our estimators out for a free no obligation estimate or completing our online self estimate form.

Matthew James Removals Spain are increasingly helping move many Spanish to relocate to South America, due the global economic crisis and the problems in the euro zone, the migration patterns in this region are notably changing, and the destination of migrants is now shifting from well-known countries in the developed world to countries with emerging economies, especially in South America.

Spanish nationals represent the largest group of migrants to this region. about 33,540 Spanish migrated to a South American country. Due to the euro zone crisis, Spain is a less attractive environment for business and economic development than it used to be, with recovery prospects manageable only in the long term. This has been enough to cause migration of thousands of highly skilled Spanish professionals in search of employment and progress in countries like Argentina, which has become one of the favourite destinations.

Our South American Moving Services Include

  • Your items are fully export wrapped for shipping to America FREE OF CHARGE 

  • Hanging Wardrobe boxes

  • Tailor made padded sofa covers

  • Boxes, Paper, Tape (as many as you require for your removal free )

  • Hanging Wardrobe boxes

  • Plastic Mattress covers

  • Modern, Clean and reliable vehicles

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    Living in the South American Countries

    Most Popular South American Countries for Expats


    Relocating to Argentina Removals-Mudanzas-Argintina

    In terms of environmental diversity, Argentina is a strong and unpolluted Country; having an alps area that compares with the Swiss Alps, a Pampas that is incomparable, an Arctic region, a desert region, and a 3,000 mile coast line. Everyone who wants to stay in Argentina for more than three months has to obtain a visa of temporary residence. There are several options for this purpose, e.g. for students, pensioners, independently wealthy people, as well as working visas. National Immigration Office 


    Removals-Mudanzas-BoliviaRelocating to Bolivia

    The colonial city of Santa Cruz in Bolivia is an expat haven. The city of Santa Cruz has benefited from a fast paced growing economy for the last 15 years. Peru and Bolivia both have very young populations.  There is an explosion of demand for goods and services (American and European), along with growing incomes, and a desire to do more business. If you plan to live, retire, study, volunteer or work in Bolivia for more than 90 days you will need a specific purpose visa ( Visa de Objeto Determinado )to enter the country. The specific purpose visa allows you to be in Bolivia for 30 days. During these 30 days you must begin your application for residency.


    Removals-Mudanzas-BrazilRelocating to Brazil

    Property in Brazil with Investment Prospects Booming and not a week goes by without yet another positive addition to Brazil’s economic track record. This is all excellent news for those planning investment in Brazil, particularly property investors who can rest assured that their property investment in Brazil is one of the best. So now is the best time to live & Work in Brazil. Foreigners wishing to live and work in Brazil are required to apply for a temporary residence visa. To obtain a temporary visa for employment purposes, the worker needs to secure a job offer from a Brazilian company or government department, or a foreign company based in Brazil. Foreign nationals aged over 50 can apply for a permanent visa if they will be transferring the equivalent of at least US$ 2,000 to Brazil every month.


    Removals-Mudanzas-ChileRelocating to Chile

    Santiago, is a city with well over 5 million people. It’s one of the most advanced cities in South America. It’s also one of the cleanest cities. Everywhere you look you can see European influence in the architecture of the buildings and the make up of the city overall. Short-term visa mostly apply to interns, students on a gap year who do volunteer work, individuals travelling to Chile for family visits, and, of course, expats transferred abroad for a short-term assignment. Are you not transferred abroad by your employer or wish to live and work in Chile for more than one year? Then you need to apply for a regular work visa.


    Removals-Mudanzas-ColombiaRelocating to Colombia

    Medellín is said to have the most perfect weather in the world, and the real estate prices are especially low. Medellin has become an expat haven with numerous expats moving there to take advantage of lower prices, the excellent weather, and the fact that there has been a significant drop in criminal problems over the past few years. Those who wish to visit the country for work or study must apply for a visa or permit at Colombian consulates abroad. The visas may be temporary or resident.


    Removals-Mudanzas-EcuadorRelocating to Ecuador

    Ecuador; long a popular expat destination. Traditionally expats have chosen to live at the higher altitudes near Quinto; but recently there has been a surge of buying along the coast where bargains abound. Any foreigner wishing to enter Ecuador to develop specific activities, except for in transit visitors, must necessarily obtain a visa at a Consulate of Ecuador, prior entering the country.


    Removals-Mudanzas-PeruRelocating to Peru

    It is becoming more attractive for foreign Property investors and retirees. Today’s Lima City is a modern, world-class city, serving as one of South America’s financial centres as well as a major manufacturing hub, being home to over 7000 factories. Temporary residence is not available in Peru, except through business visas. You can apply for permanent residence if you have a Peruvian spouse. A business visa is required for all nationals if the purpose of the visit is business. Any business-related unpaid work can be made on a tourist visa. Business visa holders can remain in Peru for 183 days. If wishing to extend the visit, an application must be lodged with the Dirección General de Migraciones. please see your local Peruvian embassy for more information spain.


    There are many expat forums on the internet with people previously seeking to move to South America from Spain or UK, these can be of a great help in wanting any help or advice, below are just a few links that may be of help

    There are many websites that offer information and advice on preparing to live in South America


    At Matthew James we are committed to ensuring your big moving day to South America runs smoothly and stress free.

    pic 1-European-removals

    1. Your removal vehicle arriving.

    pic 2-European-Removals

    2. Example of a chair before export packing and after.

    3. All fabrics are fully plastic wrapped to enable them to stay free of dust.

    4. High value pictures are fully wrapped and crated,ready for shipping.

    pic 5-European-Removals

    5. Hanging wardrobe boxes for all your hanging clothes.

    pic 6-European-Removals

    6. Label with item’s number, details and description.

    pic 7-European-Removals

    7. Full numbered inventory of everyitem and its description.

    8. Your goods sealed in the container on there way.

    Matthew James Removals help individuals & Families relocate to South America from Spain weekly and they are able to offer very competitive rates for Part Loads or Full Loads to any destination in South America: 

    ✓ removals to Argentina, ✓ Removals to Bolivia, ✓ Removals to Brazil, ✓ Removals to Chile, ✓ Removals to Colombia, ✓ Removals to Ecuador, ✓ Removals to Peru, ✓ Removals to Santa Cruz, ✓ Removals to Santiago,  ✓ Removals to Medellín, ✓ Removals to Venezuela, ✓  Removals to Uruguay, ✓  Removals to Rio De Janeiro

    If you are moving To or From any of the areas listed above then please don’t hesitate to contact our Bi-Lingual Staff for more information, advice or a Competitive Price for your Move to South America

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