Five Things To Do Before Your Big Move To Spain

Five Things To Do Before Your Big Move To Spain

There are hundreds of reasons why expats make the decision to move to Spain – the country boasts thousands of miles of perfect beaches, inviting oceans, and ample bars and pubs. The greatest thing about Spain is that it’s just a short hop from “home” back in the UK – you can get to virtually any airport in Spain on a flight that lasts just three hours or less.

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In this blog post, we’re going to look at the five things you must do before your big move – by doing these things before your move, you’ll be able to make things a lot easier when you actually arrive to start your new life in Spain.

1. Open a bank account: It makes sense to have a Spanish bank account for a raft of reasons – not least the fact the Spanish use the Euro as their currency. Most banks will require a minimum deposit, and some may even stipulate a minimum balance come the end of the year. Do your research and open a bank account that works for you.

2. Apply for your NIE card: Although EU citizens do not need a visa to live and work in Spain, you do need an NIE, which is simply a foreign identity number. You will also need to apply for a residency card.

3. Inform the Department for Work and Pensions: If you inform the DWP before you leave the UK, you will still be entitled to collect your pension when you move to Spain – it will increase along with pension increases for UK residents. Providing you’ve paid into your state pension, you’ll still be eligible to receive it even if you’re living outside of the UK, in Spain.

4. Make provisions to register your vehicle in Spain: If you’re taking your car or other vehicle from the UK, it must be registered in Spain within 12 months of your arrival. Failure to register your vehicle and change the number plates to Spanish plates can result in confiscation of your vehicle, and large fines. Vehicles in Spain tend to be more expensive when compared to purchasing them in the UK – lots of people opt to take their car with them then register it once they arrive. Just don’t forget – otherwise you could find your wheels being taken away from you!

5. Get your finances in order: The cost of living in Spain isn’t as “cheap” as most people think. It’s a good idea to have a chunk of cash sitting in the bank as a safety net, just in case things turn out to be a little more expensive than you’ve envisaged. If you’re retiring to Spain then perhaps you might not need to take as much, but if you’re moving to Spain with a family in tow, you really do need to get your finances in order before making the jump to Spain.

Spain is a wonderful country with a fantastic culture, amazing food, and a climate that’s alien to most people from the UK. Take care to address the points above before you move and your new life in Spain will be everything you’d hoped for, and more!

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