Tips for Moving to the UK with Children

Tips for Moving to the UK with Children

Moving from one country to another with children can be a complex process. This is especially true when moving to the UK

To make this transition smoother for both you and your children, here are some comprehensive tips and insights to consider:

Research and Plan Ahead:

  • Research various regions in the UK to understand cost of living, school options, and quality of life.
  • Explore housing, schools, medical facilities, and job prospects in your chosen area.
  • Useful Resources: UK government websites, local council websites, expat forums.

Prepare Your Children For Moving to The UK

  • Start discussing the move early, explaining the reasons and addressing their concerns.
  • Involve children in decisions where possible, making them feel part of the process.
  • Maintain open communication and encourage them to ask questions.
  • Useful Resources: Children’s books about moving, online resources for parenting during relocation.

Sort Out Your Paperwork:

  • Ensure passports, visas, birth certificates, and other legal documents are up-to-date.
  • Check specific requirements for registration with local authorities and government agencies.
  • Utilise online platforms for visa and immigration applications.
  • Useful Resources: UK government’s official immigration website, local council websites for registration information.

Choose the Right School:

  • Research schools thoroughly, considering curriculum, language support, facilities, and reviews.
  • Visit schools in person if possible to assess the environment and meet teachers.
  • Seek advice from other expat parents for insights.
  • Useful Resources: School websites, Ofsted reports (UK school quality assessments), parent forums.

Social Integration:

  • Encourage children to engage in school activities and local community groups.
  • Help them make new friends and build a social network.
  • Support involvement in extracurricular activities to foster connections.
  • Useful Resources: Local community center events, school activity calendars.


  • Explore the new city and area together as a family to familiarize yourselves.
  • Visit local parks, libraries, and attractions to help children adjust.
  • Create positive experiences by discovering hidden gems.
  • Useful Resources: Local tourism websites, city guides, online maps.

Stay Positive:

  • Maintain a positive attitude to ease the transition for your children.
  • Celebrate achievements and embrace the new experiences.
  • Acknowledge that homesickness is normal but focus on the exciting aspects of the journey.
  • Useful Resources: Mindfulness and positivity apps, expat support groups.

Moving to the UK with children is a significant change, but with careful planning, preparation, and a positive outlook, it can be a rewarding adventure. Prioritise effective communication with your children, ensure proper paperwork, and choose suitable schools. By integrating into the community and exploring your new surroundings, you can create a successful transition and start a new chapter with enthusiasm. Remember, the journey itself is an essential part of the experience.

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