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Matthew James Removals won’t be beaten on on Quality or Service when Moving to Spain.

We take our company very seriously with over 3 decades of moving expertise and knowledge we aim to be the best with-in our industry setting standards right from the start. we’ll use our experience to guide you , advise you and help make the hard decisions easy.

Here’s Why……..

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Our company has been accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. We are members of IAM (International Association of Movers), the world’s largest trade association for the global moving industry.

All these memberships are aimed at giving our customers the best possible service and still keeping our prices very competitive

Matthew James firmly believe no other company can match our quality of service for the same price. Unlike a majority of companies your removal quote will include:

  • Insurance
  • Hanging Wardrobe boxes
  • Tailor made padded sofa covers
  • Boxes, Paper, Tape (as many as you require for your removal free )
  • Hanging Wardrobe boxes
  • Plastic Mattress covers
  • Modern, Clean and reliable vehicles

Matthew James Removals carry out weekly removals to Spain from the UK.

Our part load removals to Spain service is a great solution for smaller items or the part content of a household. Can I transport my car to Spain at the same time as my furniture ? Our vehicles have car ramps and a twin deck system enabling us to transport your vehicle at the same time as completing the removals to Spain. For full loads or clients in a hurry, we can supply a dedicated vehicle to meet your requirements.

When obtaining quotes to move abroad we would highly recommend checking your quote includes export wrapping, a full numbered inventory and your insurance. Unfortunately we hear many stories from clients who used less reputable companies, their belongings coming weeks later or being lost/damaged in transit, then to be advised they were not insured! We would recommend only using an experienced established company like ourselves.

Also note we have a high volume of customers moving to Spain which allows us to offer regular departures, Client’s opting for a part load service do not have to wait ages for us to consolidate a full load for our trucks.

Packing Services

Matthew James Removals SL offer fragiles only packing, export packing, full packing and unpacking at your new Spanish home. Packing is completed by our trained packing teams using approved techniques and materials. See our packing page for more information.

Customs Clearance

  1. Determine residency status: If you are moving from the UK to Spain permanently, you will need to establish residency in Spain and meet the requirements set by the Spanish authorities. This may include obtaining a residence permit or registering as a resident.
  2. Prepare inventory: Create a detailed inventory of all the household items you are moving. Include descriptions, quantities, and values. This inventory will be used for customs declaration purposes.
  3. Complete customs forms: Fill out the necessary customs forms required for the import of household effects. These forms may include a packing list, a customs declaration form (such as Form C-88 in the UK), and any other specific forms required by the Spanish customs authority.
  4. Provide supporting documents: Gather any supporting documents that may be required, such as your passport, residence permit, proof of address in Spain, and any relevant visas or permits.
  5. Declare items and pay duties/taxes: Declare any restricted or dutiable items according to Spanish customs regulations. You may be required to pay customs duties, import taxes, or VAT (Value Added Tax) on certain items. Check the specific rules and rates with the Spanish customs authority or consult with your moving company.
  6. Customs inspection: Your shipment may be subject to a physical inspection by customs authorities in Spain. They may want to verify the contents of the shipment against the inventory and ensure compliance with import regulations.
  7. Delivery and final clearance: Once the customs clearance process is complete, your household effects can be delivered to your new residence in Spain.

Please note we offer a fully bonded customs warehouse in the UK and are familiar with all import and export customs formalities.

Advice on Quotes -Matthew James will provide you with several different quotes if required.

We will quote not only for a full house move, but a part load and quotes for different packing and unpacking services.

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