The Best Places To Live in Scotland UK

Scotland is among the earliest European countries, and being here can at times feel as if you’ve gone back in time.

For instance, the scenery in Edinburgh is pretty amazing, from prehistoric cities with cobbled streets to Neolithic settlement ruins and hilltop castles.


Apart from its rich tradition, Scotland boasts scenic landscapes, low crime rates, affordable living costs, and friendly locals. The country also offers a range of job opportunities ideal for foreigners, which makes it a popular place to move to. Therefore, if you’re thinking about relocating to the land of Nessie, Kilts, and Haggis you should enlist a trusted removal company to help relocate you.

Matthew James Removals & Storage can provide collection services to expats from any part of Spain and assist them with the move to Scotland. Here are the best places in Scotland to consider living in.


When talking about the top spots to set your roots in Scotland, Edinburgh stands out from the rest. First off, it’s Scotland’s capital and is brimming with history, beauty and diverse culture. History buffs will definitely love the regal Georgian New Town, bustling Old Town, and distinct Edinburgh Castle located above a hill overseeing the city centre.

Culture and art enthusiasts will also love the vibe of the capital as it hosts a slew of events and festivals all through the year, including the renowned Edinburgh Fringe. Moreover, Edinburgh has a variety of beautiful parks, iconic buildings, art galleries, museums, top-notch restaurants, and so on. And as a bonus, the city has pristine beaches nearby, indicating all you have to experience in Edinburgh.

And to top it off, the universities and schools are world-class, plus the crime rate is low. Foreigners can easily get work here.


Glasgow is located less than 50 miles west of Edinburgh but has an opposing vibe. First off, Glasgow is bigger, both in terms of population and size and much more contemporary.

Even if there are still several historic buildings, the city features multiple modern constructions like The Clyde Arc Bridge and Armadillo (Glasgow Clyde Auditorium).

Glasgow University attracts International students from across the globe, resulting in a vibrant nightlife and upbeat vibe. The European Commission also recognised Glasgow as the top creative and cultural city in the UK due to its multiple theatres, museums, innovative venues, and street art. There are a plethora of job opportunities for expats, including finance, law, tech, healthcare, and education.


Dundee is the 4th largest city in Scotland, meaning that there are several job opportunities, particularly in the biomedical and technological fields, which are currently booming.

Dundee has a lot going on and offers something to everybody, from a buzzing nightlife to beautiful parks and beaches. The city has a robust public transport system and is generally safe.

A stunning town in Perthshire has been named as the best place to live in Scotland in a new ranking by the Sunday Times.

Dunkeld took the top spot for ‘Best Place to Live in Scotland’ in the annual Sunday Times’ Best Places guide for 2023, beating out the likes of major big cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Final thoughts on Scotland

Although Scotland doesn’t experience the warm climate of Spain, there are various other reasons to choose Scotland. The country has an affordable cost of living, is safe, and there are plenty of work opportunities. But every top place to live in Scotland has something different to offer. The choice is entirely up to you!

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