Relocating to Valencia Spain: Buy or Rent?

Moving to Valencia is a massive life choice, and one that can have a huge impact on both you and your family.

Moving to Valencia: Buy or Rent?

Moving to Valencia: Buy or Rent?

Hemisferic and Reina Sofía Arts Centre

Hemisferic and Reina Sofía Arts Centre






This doesn’t mean that moving there is a risk though, as the impacts are usually incredibly positive ones, which increase your quality of life no end. The biggest hurdle most people have when looking to move to Valencia though is deciding whether to buy or rent, so we’ve listed the advantages of each below, in order to make your move to Valencia slightly easier.

Firstly, let’s start with the economics – namely, the economics of Spain. Throughout Europe, currencies have come crashing down, therefore driving down prices on all manner of different things. Not many countries were hit harder than Spain, and as a result house prices are still incredibly low when compared to the UK. This means that even £100k goes a long way here – much further than it would in London, anyway! As with all house prices, they will rise though, which means that many people are taking the risk and buying now, and then hoping that they enjoy life out there. Of course, if things don’t work out, you can always sell – as previously stated, prices are only going to go up…

If you do decide to buy a property in Valencia, you should be prepared for the fact that buying in Spain is very different to the UK. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire a specialist lawyer, who has a detailed knowledge of urbanismo (Spanish land law). It is best to engage the services of a Spanish lawyer, however there are UK lawyers available as well. You should also ensure that any mortgage you take out is with a company authorised by the Bank of Spain, and that you understand your mortgage agreement. If you do not speak Spanish to a very good level, hire a specialist translator to help.

Those looking for more peace of mind will probably prefer the option of renting though, as it provides a way to experience the city without any of the financial risk. Typically a 3 bedroom apartment will cost around £300 per month to rent in Valencia, and short leases are also available, just in case you find the house of your dreams and want to buy sooner rather than later. Of course, properties within central Valencia will be more expensive, although probably still not out of reach for most people looking to relocate there. If you do rent on the outskirts, public transport links are good, so getting around the city won’t be an issue.

So, the choice is really down to personal preference. If you are 100% sure you want to move to Valencia, then you should definitely take advantage of the rock bottom property prices. If you are more cautious though, rent a property for a while and get a feel for the city before you fully commit – although you almost certainly will, as the charm of Valencia works its magic on everyone in the end!

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