Moving from Spain Back to the UK – Things to Know

For many UK residents moving to a new life in Spain seemed like a dream scenario. This Mediterranean country possessed many things which made it an ideal location for retirement and many other things, starting with the sea and great weather that lasts all year long. The Spanish have an open culture which is traditionally very hospitable to expats moving to Spain. For some this scenario has lost much of its appeal over the recent years.

According to recent data collected concerning this issue, almost 90 thousand UK citizens who were residing in Spain decided to move back during the last 12 months. Over the course of 2013, the number of British citizens who were registered in Spain as residents dropped by more than 23%. The exact same trend was registered in other nationalities that live in Spain, so it’s clear that French and German citizens are also going back to their home countries and leaving the Spanish dream.

When the economic crisis of 2008 hit the global markets, several countries in the European Union took most of the damage, and Spain was one of them. Its debt crisis, produced by loans which were issued on a very long time period (most often for 40 years), created a rift that started to spread to other aspects of its national economy. Soon after, the building market went through a crash, which then consumed several large companies and brought them to bankruptcy. These companies employed thousands of workers, and the majority of these lost their jobs just after the crash took place. The result was a continuous rise in unemployment, which reached almost one third of the total workforce of Spain in early 2013.

Other European developments like the civil war in Ukraine also have a cumulative effect on the future economic growth on the Continent, although Spain is now technically out of recession.


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Reasons for Moving Back To The UK

There are several important factors that should be taken into consideration before deciding to move back to the UK.
The financial and the broader economic situation in the country isn’t totally desirable, but this isn’t written in stone. Spain is beginning to see a slow recovery and could possibly have a new economic boom in the coming decade. Acting of fear or panic will not produce a stable lifestyle in any country.

Everyone must create their own calculation which will provide them with an answer to the question of staying or leaving, and this calculation should include things like income sources, housing situation and local economic state (it makes a big difference if one is living near Barcelona or near Pontevedra on the other side of the country). The Global state of the Spanish economy should be seen as just one of these factors, and not the one that decides the entire dilemma.

Clear Timeline

A decision like moving to the UK most likely will not come easily, and for the most part, it shouldn’t. Changing your country of residence is a complicated and lengthy ordeal. This is the reason why it’s important to plan everything out and have a clear timeline that can be checked and maintained. The plan can be changed or modified later on, but it is crucial to have one.

If you have decided on returning to the UK Matthew James Removals Spain can help you plan removals from Spain to the UK and offer a full door to door service at competitive rates. Our vehicles are travelling between the UK and Spain on a weekly basis and can meet your expected collection and delivery dates in most circumstances.

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