Guide to Importing Your Vehicle from Spain to the UK


Are you considering moving to the UK from Spain, but worried about how to transport your vehicle?

You’re not alone – many people worry about importing their vehicles when they make a move overseas. Fortunately, there are reputed removals companies like ours that offer comprehensive services for importing cars and other vehicles internationally; no matter where in Spain you live!

In this blog post, we will share all the information you need to know to successfully import your car from Spain to the UK without any trouble!

Overview of the process for importing vehicles from Spain to the UK

Importing a vehicle from Spain to the UK may seem like a daunting process, but with the right knowledge and assistance, it can be a smooth and hassle-free experience. The first step is to ensure that the vehicle complies with all UK regulations and standards/Type approval. This includes meeting requirements for emissions, lighting, and safety features.

For vehicles less than ten years old, upon arrival in the UK, your vehicle must adhere to UK-type approval regulations. This can be achieved through either mutual recognition or IVA testing. However, for vehicles over ten years old, they must undergo an MOT test to assess their safety and roadworthiness.

Obtaining a Carnet de Passage for importation into the UK.

If you’re planning on importing a vehicle into the UK, you’ll need to obtain a Carnet de Passage. This important document serves as a guarantee to the customs authorities that all customs duties and taxes on the vehicle will be paid, should it leave the country. Without it, you run the risk of having your vehicle impounded or even seized.

To apply for a Carnet de Passage, you’ll need to provide a variety of documents, including proof of ownership and proof of insurance. It may seem like a lot of work, but obtaining a Carnet de Passage is a necessary step towards importing your vehicle and ensuring that you can enjoy it in the UK without any legal issues. Matthew James Removals operate a customs bonded warehouse in the UK and are up to date with all customs requirements.

The costs involved in vehicle removals from Spain to the UK

If you’ve ever needed to move a vehicle from Spain to the UK, you know just how expensive it can be. With factors like distance, insurance, and customs fees all adding up quickly. it’s essential to understand the costs involved before you start. While it certainly isn’t cheap, there are steps you can take to help keep costs down, like using a reputable removal company and planning to avoid any unexpected fees. With the right strategy, you can get your vehicle safely and efficiently from Spain to the UK without breaking the bank.

Import duty when importing cars from Spain to the UK

When importing a car from Spain to the UK, you’ll need to pay import duty. Import VAT of 20% applies to vehicles registered in the EU when bringing them to the UK. The import VAT is calculated based on the purchase price of the vehicle and any related transportation expenses. If the purchase invoice for the vehicle is older than 3 months, a recent valuation is used to determine the import VAT amount. Classic vehicles have a lower import duty cost.

If you previously exported a vehicle from the UK and are now bringing it back, you may qualify for tax-free importation into the UK. To do so, you must be able to furnish a UK purchase invoice indicating the acquisition of the vehicle, along with a copy of your former UK V5C logbook.

What documentation do you need when importing a vehicle from Spain

You will need the vehicle’s original bill of sale, which proves that you legally purchased it from the owner. You’ll also need a copy of the vehicle’s registration from Spain, as well as a valid passport, driving licence and the proper import forms. While it may seem like a lot of documentation, our experts will guide you through the process.

In conclusion, when moving a vehicle from Spain to the UK, a series of documents and procedures must be met. Engaging the services of an experienced removals company like Matthew James Removals Spain can help to make things easier.

Note with Matthew James Removals Spain your vehicle will be transported inside a purpose built removal vehicle with air suspension. With other transporters your car will not be under cover and left on a open vehicle.

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