5 Reasons Why Moving To Andalucia Region Spain Is A Good Idea

Is Spain included in your list of countries in which you want to settle after retirement?




If so, then you have probably researched about the different cities in the country, most likely those that are popular. But have you considered moving to Andalucia region Spain? The southern region of Spain is such a wonderful place to live in. Indeed, many retirees from the UK have decided to move to Andalucia.

What were there reasons to go ahead with the relocation? Read on and find out the things that make Andalucia a great place to relocate to.

1. The weather is magnificent in Spain.

You know how troublesome the weather in the UK is. You always worry about what the weather will be like as you start your day. Should you bring an umbrella? Will it rain during my sonís party this weekend? All this trouble will be of no concern to you once you move to Andalucia. The weather in this part of Spain, or in the entire country for that matter, is just amazing. You will definitely love the sunshine in Andalucia. You can plan your trips accordingly and enjoy strolling along the coast lines.

2. Crime rates are very low in Andalucia.

When you compare the crime numbers in the UK and in Andalucia, the difference is significant. The southern region of Spain, for the most part, has lower crime rates than other areas of the country. Of course, there will be petty crimes here and there. But in general, you need not worry about your burglar alarms ringing or making your way home all by yourself at night.

3. There is less pollution in Spain.

Aside from great weather, there is also less pollution in Andalucia. This primarily has to do with its location. The coastal areas of Spain are generally less polluted. On top of that, the major industries in the country are situated mostly at the north. The southern region of Spain relies mainly on agriculture and tourism.

4. Enjoy a slower pace.

Life runs at a much slower pace in Spain. This is something that most foreigners would find strange at first, but this kind of lifestyle is certainly welcomed. You will realize that people in Spain do not seem as busy as those in the UK, where people donít seem to run out of things to do. This can have a huge impact on your health, as it can significantly reduce stress levels.

5. The culture is rich and diverse.

Spain prides itself as having a very diverse and rich culture. In Andalucia alone, there are a lot of activities that not only serves as a form of entertainment, but also as a means of conserving old traditions and practices. Fiestas and festivals are the perfect example. There are also plenty of old towns and villages to visit, with residents who continue to practice old customs.

These are some reasons that make moving to Andalusia region Spain such a great decision. If you need any assistance regarding your relocation, do not hesitate to give us a call (0034) 931 84 54 94 in Spain or Tel 01322 251 000 from the UK. Our bilingual staff will be happy to provide any information you need.

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