5 Of The Best Places To Retire In The UK


It’s time for you to retire, but finding the perfect location to settle down is often easier said than done. From ideal picturesque towns to seaside villages, the UK offers some of the most relaxing scenic places for retirees. If you’re tired of Spain’s sunny Mediterranean climate, the UK offers a fresh outlook on weather with a breezy atmosphere. Below are 5 of the top places to retire in the UK!

1. Wiltshire

Considered to have the sixth lowest crime rate in the country, it is best known for the Cotswolds and Castle Combe! It is a picturesque place to retire as cottages dot the landscape while solitude is a bonus! Salisbury is one of the larger cities in the county, but it’s still home to boutique shops and many historic examples of stunning architecture. Weekend markets, nature reserves, and parks are yet another perk along with the fairly reasonable median property price range of about £290,637.

The Chalke and Nadder Valleys offer a quiet lifestyle with many old farmhouses and thatched roof homes available on the market. This county is also fantastic for the elderly thanks to its Link Schemes, making transportation available to all.

2. Suffolk

Advertised to have the eleventh lowest crime rate in the UK, it is home to a natural stunning coastline and provides respite from the hustle and bustle of busy cities. Many will often choose Bury St Edmunds to retire to even though property prices are a bit on the higher side. An hour from the Suffolk coast, this area has fantastic pubs, high street shops, and fine dining options.

For retirees looking to find a low population area, the village of Kersey with a population of only 350 offers an ideal place to settle down. The average property prices in Suffolk run about £272,714, but are subject to change upon exact location.

3. County Durham

Both historic and highly affordable, older retirees can enjoy property prices as low as £142,387. A bustling city centre makes it a popular choice for retirees while the sixteenth lowest crime rate in the UK has mass appeal. Durham is, for many, an exception to the rule of choosing a city for their twilight years. Home to amazing architecture, a castle, and a cathedral, it’s a stunning urban escape!

Barnard Castle is another great area thanks to its slower paced lifestyle and the shopping experience it boasts. From theatre performances to comedy nights hosted by the Witham Arts Centre, there’s never a boring day in the life of a retiree.

4. Staffordshire

Boasting classic English charm, low crime rates, and affordable homes, what could be nicer than Staffordshire? Stafford is a great option for those used to travelling via rail thanks to its proximity to the M6. Lichfield is yet another picturesque option featuring a vibrant yet historic city life. The market square, large shopping centre, and the wide range of restaurants provide plenty of entertainment. Of course, many villages also dot the landscape, some of the more notable options being the Staffordshire Moorlands and Biddulph.

5. Cornwall

No list of the best places to retire is complete without a mention of Cornwall. Though higher in price than the other options, it is well worth the splurge if retirement funds allow. Penzance is probably the best location to retire in the area with plenty of restaurants, galleries, and shopping opportunities. St Ives is a bit different with its stunning sandy beaches and for Spanish expats, it offers a bit of home! Lastly, Newquay is visited by thousands of tourists every year, but nothing beats the breathtaking coastal scenery.

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